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3 days to flying off - :::Transitions::: [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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3 days to flying off [May. 26th, 2005|10:17 pm]
[Current Mood |moodymoody]

Somehow, the trip does not bring much excitement to me. So much packing to do and work to clear in the office has given more things to worry. The place is so far away :( I wonder whether C will miss me over there. Sigh...

The 1 year mark has just pass for us both. In some ways, things are slightly different as compared to the beginning. The love between us has somehow mellowed and at times, C or me would be too tired to do anything. At times, when I am with C, C would just be talking and I be listening. Sometimes, I find C a bit chatty and I be rather irritated when C talks too much. Lately, I just feel that we are losing touch with each other. I would be very hesitant in telling C over how I feel over certain matters. But, I know it probably is still me, as I know I am not someone who wanna complain directly but rather be subtle over it. If I ever get vocal, I guess I be very sarcastic by then. Sometimes, just wish that C understands and know what I am thinking. Sigh, but if that ever happens, then I be too selfish. But, it is often at times whereby I show my unhappiness over some matters then C would be more concern after that. Then, not long again, C would be back to C's usual self. It sometimes gets very tiring as I have to do something to get C's attention before C would realise anything has happen. I just feel very tired about it. Very tired ...

This trip to Switzerland, I am depressed with the fact that I would not be able to get to meet C closer to the date I am flying. And I get this stupid concert to perform before the trip... Sigh, I guess I have to be contented with what I have and what C can give me. :~~~

I hope that I can take my mind off these things during the trip. But I guess C probably would not sms me much. Just have to cross my fingers abt it...