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[Sep. 2nd, 2005|11:54 pm]
Click <a href="http://junk.alanv.org/ljquiz.php">here</a>.<br>Take the quiz.<br>Post your results.<br>1) Does speedo28 have a big secret? No<br>2) Where was nitrox born? singapore<br>3) How long would miak dating joejunior last?   5 months<br>4) What is joejunior's favorite food? Anything!!!<br>5) How would keewhee kill wheel_lock_ed?   running him over the wheels<br>6) Would you set up silver_eagle and swimzguy?   Definitely<br>7) Thoughts on navypal? ......<br>8) What is swimzguy's favorite movie? In the Mood for Love<br>9) What is keewhee's favorite color? Purple<br>10) What is joejunior's shoe size? 9<br>11) What is tekis's favorite band/artist? How I know<br>12) What is tekis's favorite game? Squash<br>13) What would karmakunga give joejunior for his/her birthday?   Ring<br>14) What do you disagree with lestat80 about? Sex<br>15) Is lestat80 single? No<br>16) How long have you known stingerx? Quite long<br>17) What rank would jesterjim have in a giant robot army? 3rd Sergeant<br>18) What is querkymania allergic to? Prawns<br>19) Does jesterjim know swimzguy?   Probably<br>20) Is silver_eagle in a relationship? No<br>21) Does lestat80 do drugs? No<br>22) Are lestat80 and stewieben going steady?   No<br>23) If lestat80 commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Bacteria and Germs<br>24) Is swimzguy a college student? No<br>25) When did you last call tekis? ......<br>

[User Picture]From: keewhee
2005-09-03 12:01 am (UTC)
almost right ... my favourite colour's white
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