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Australia (part 2) [Feb. 15th, 2006|05:36 pm]
Cannot really remember where I stop the last entry, quite lazy to check since I do not have a laptop with me. So updating my journal on frequent basis is quite hard. Anyway, the lectures are ok. There are some interesting ones and some not so interesting ones haha. Eventually, I find it a chore to actually get up at 630 in the morning (equivalent to Singapore time of 3.30am in the morning!!!). The thing is I have to share the stupid toilet with my room mate and SHE is slow in getting up, slow in getting out of bed, slow in getting dressed. (There was one instance when I went into the bathroom after she used the shower. And when I finished bathing, she was still in her room getting dressed up. Half an hour in the room to dress up and she dun even look any prettier or whatsoever.) So disgusted.

Kinda sick and angry at times to be staying in the same apartment hotel room as her. If not for the cheap splitting of bills, I WOULD never have done that. Got one incident last Sunday whereby she wanted to go a market in Canberra and also to check out the railway station timetable and so on. First;y, she cannot navigate or know road directions (not that I am biased but most really cannot). I was left to navigate the directions and so on which I really dislike. Second, she provide no informative suggestions on where she like to go and so on so forth. So I had to make decisions, which is something I terribly dislike since I would not want to offend her opinions she kept inside her mind. Then, upon reaching the place, she saw new shopping areas and says to go there and see. But In the first place, I dun see anything much except warehouses which look soooo closed and empty. And for goodness sake, it was a Sunday. And the whole town seems to be out of town!!! Shops closes at a early 5 plus or even 4. At times, I was worried she got lost. Then I would have to account for her disappearance to her boyfriend , family and so on. When we did all the shopping and stuff, she said she was not hungry and if needed, I could go eat myself. Then I was like duh, why din you say so earlier.

Just 1 stupid trip and I have so much to complain. The truth is, she is a pig!!! One that sleeps and sleeps, like cannot wake up like that. There was once when I had to call her for 5 minutes at the door to wake her up and she din even realise it!!! Anyway, will complain her more next time. The thought of her just disgusts me and spoil my day. This week, I rarely care whether she wake up a not. She has been skipping lectures cos she cannot wake up. To me, sending her here for the course is just a waste of time. Dun think she learn much and have much to apply in her work. Kinda waste of resources.

We took the last weekend down to Sydney for shopping and visiting the Sydney Opera house. It was well a very much nicer version of Singapore's Esplanade. Ha ha, nothing fantastic. But I did go down to the fish market and had my try on LOBSTER!!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!! So sinful and it waws for breakfast somemore. But the trip to Sydney burnt a terrible big hole in my pocket. I just shop and shop and see sales, rush to it like some crazy women deprived of shopping pleasures for her lifetime. Bought lots of stuff for family and colleagues and some friends. Other than that, it was food and eating.

Updates next time... classes