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I wanted a nakata haircut... In the end... (Background music very… - :::Transitions::: [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 3rd, 2006|05:48 pm]
I wanted a nakata haircut... In the end...
(Background music very loud)
Barber: what style u wanna cut?
Me: Erm, the nakata kind. You know? the one in front short short then slope behind...
Barber: Oh okok Short short right can can
Me (hesitant): You sure u noe? That time the other barber help me cut..
Barber: oh.Can can short

(he started help me to cut. I grew intensingly horried when he seem not to be able to cut my hair in front short. After some time of cutting..)

Me: The front short... you know.. nakata kind slop to the back..
Barber: ok ok
(The other barber walks over and tell the barber in malay. NOW THE BACKGROUND MUSIC is soft.)
2nd Barber: (converse in malay).. nakata style (he demos how it looks like) (to me) must tell him nakata, samurai style then he know
Me: !&$%^$%& (bloody hell I told him that and he says he noe)
Barber continue to cut some more...
Me: I think you just cut off everything lah. Cut everything off. I let it grow again easier. (pissed)

[User Picture]From: stingerx
2006-09-03 10:14 am (UTC)
haha.. this could have been done for free, with extras.. ;p
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[User Picture]From: malliw
2006-09-03 10:54 am (UTC)
I dun mind but then hmmmm
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[User Picture]From: snowyboy
2006-09-05 01:42 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: malliw
2006-09-05 09:07 am (UTC)
harlow what???
u want botak cut is it
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