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Fengshui.... [Sep. 27th, 2006|08:32 pm]
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I am a Pine!!!

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It uses Lunar Month counting and you can try to get it from here: http://www.wofs.com/birth_idx.php

◎Your life is represented by the huge pine tree, which means you can easily accumulate wealth and you are also a generous person. You have an independent spirit and you like courteous, polite people. ◎

Your characteristics, subconscious, and behavior modes, according to your fate and destiny, are represented by the pine tree.

The pine tree in the forest stands out from the crowd, grows independently and creates shade and shelter for others. Therefore, you also have an independent spirit to learn and grow continuously. You do not like to form small social circles among the people around you, but have a great sense of responsibility to take care of others. You are true to yourself and express your thoughts and ideas freely, and you are sympathetic, kind and somewhat sentimental. You respect and admire those who are heroic and powerful.

Your entire life is like a pine tree that experiences many challenges each winter, but you will grow and lift yourself to a higher level once you pass the tests. Just as pine is the best material for beams and pillars, you have the potential to be shaped into a strong, successful person. As long as you face the challenges, learn from others, and do not complain or blame others, you will definitely be one of the best leaders of the future.

◎Health Analysis: The function of your stomach and intestines is weaker.◎

According to your destiny analysis, the function of your stomach and intestines is weaker, which caused minor problems like bad breath, upset or bloated stomach, and diarrhea when you were young. But over age 40, additional care of your stomach and intestines is needed, or it may lead to major digestive system problems such as esophagus infection, stomach or intestinal infection, gastric ulcer, hemorrhoids, intestines polyp, diabetes. Therefore, you should avoid fatigue and stress, maintain a stable lifestyle and schedule, sleep and wake early, eat regular meals at regular hours, don't drink alcohol, and consume less acidic food and drink in order to protect a congenitally weak digestive system.

There's a saying that all disease starts from the mouth, which means many human diseases are related to food. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, food can be divided into gold, wood, water, fire and earth (concept of the five elements). You seem to prefer the sweet flavors of desserts and other sweets, which means your cells are filled with too much earth element. This negatively affects your health, fortune and career, so we suggest you try different foods to balance your diet and nutrition, which leads to harmony in life and a balance of yin and yang based on the five elements. In addition, if you have recently felt unlucky or things were not going smoothly, then you are probably affected by bad spirit, which caused bad luck. The best solution is not to eat meat and fish for a period of time until the bad spirit goes away. The bad spirit tends to stay with those who eat meat and fish, and also chicken, duck, green onion, garlic, leek and other spices, so a vegetarian diet can help change your luck.

◎Health Analysis: The function of your nephridium water system is weaker as well.◎

The function of your nephridium water system is weaker as well. Your physical strength is not as good as others, and you always feel tired. You have had no major problems when you were young, but over age 40, additional care of your nephridium water system is needed, or it may lead to blood pressure, anemia and heart problems, or even insomnia, accidie, cranial nerve anemic, hearing problems, kidney problems, urocystitis, urethrits, heart and blood vessel problems. Therefore, you should avoid fatigue, maintain a stable and regular lifestyle and schedule, sleep and wake early, go outdoors and get more sunlight, and avoid deep-fried foods in order to protect a congenitally weaker nephridium water system. Also avoid iced and cold drinks and reduce the frequency of sexual activities in order to maintain good vitality.

According to your destiny analysis, you are quite straight forward with a majority of things as long as you know how to deal with them, but you are not interested in knowing why you have to do them. You are a person of action who doesn't like to drag things out, but this can result in hasty decisions.

If you want to change your destiny, take a daily bath which allows you sufficient time to think and reflect, which helps you to make the right decisions. As long as you can think twice before acting, your destiny will be changed thoroughly with more health, wealth and happiness coming into your life.

◎There is a background difference between you and your love partner, so it's not easy for her to really understand you. The things you care about she might think totally unimportant and vice versa, so you tend disagree easily over small things.◎

In romance, according to our analysis, you tend to fall in love at first sight with someone you admire in your heart. A sweet romance develops quickly but doesn't last long because it's difficult to maintain the same level of passion from beginning to end. Generally speaking, women have quite a good first impression of you because you have the charm and finesse to chase after your love interest. But after dating for a while, your passion and level of interest declines. You tend to like a person at first sight, but not after a period of time. Your romantic partner may like you at first sight, but also loses interest after a period of time. Therefore, if you are still waiting for a good romance, try to conceal your outer beauty in order to find more sincere and suitable lovers who aren't just attracted to your looks. Then true romance will come your way.

In the journey of life, your romantic or marriage partner may appear easily, and most possibly someone in your life and social circle. She could be introduced through school, work, or community association. You may marry early, so if you are still seeking your love partner look among the people around you; the person who is most innocent, cute, pretty and attractive might possibly be the one. As long as you pursue the relationship with a sincere heart, the happiness is right beside you.

◎Career Analysis: Most of your jobs, in any industry, require some professional training or expertise.◎

Most of your jobs, in any industry, require some professional training or expertise. For example, finance banker, accountant, engineer, lawyer, government official, consultant, etc. As long as you gain more professional experience and new industry knowledge, your value in a company will be irreplaceable. If you choose jobs that require professional training, your work will go smoothly (jobs that are labor intensive are not suitable). You tend, however, to think from only your own point of view, so you may lack the broad perspective for higher management. You should further strengthen your experience, and if you want to reach the next professional level, then you should be more understanding and considerate of other employees and communicate more, in order to improve your leadership ability.

◎Wealth Analysis: You know how to make money and save money, so you are seldom short of cash.◎

According to your destiny analysis, you know how to make money and save money, so you are seldom short of cash. You knew the importance of the money since you were very young, so you started investing earlier than others. Therefore, you were making money with investments while others were spending money and enjoying their lives. In addition, you were born very clever, and will not spend money if unnecessary, but you are very interested in investing in your own business and keen to be your own boss. You will save most of your wealth to invest in real estate or to establish your own business. Afterwards, you will bequest most of your wealth to your descendants.